Schools Plant Trees Program
Trees are vital. As the largest plants on the planet, they give us oxygen and purify the air by absorbing carbon monoxide – the main cause for climate change.
School's treeplanting initiative
Along with global classrooms, we are working to create a crucial bridge between climate education and tree plantings by promoting large and individual efforts.
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Tree planting: Connections to classrooms, connections to our planet
We are on a mission working for climate education for all. Our community of educators and students engage daily learning about climate change and taking action through global collaboration projects, environmental awareness and advocacy work, social networking, and more.
For us, we believe to fix our planet, we need all hearts, minds, and hands to take action.
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Our EarthProject app allows you to log your trees by location and type. You can return to document the growth of your tree over time with photos, notes, and carbon offsets.
Our World of Tree Plantings
Follow along with our interactive map to see trees planted by location and tree type and amount.

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We are proud to announce the locations of our first four forests. Each of our forests are sponsored by Take Action Global and the ThreeFold Foundation in partnership with local educators, students, schools communities, and local citizens.
Flag of Malawi
2.500 trees planted
Locations across Malawi, Africa
Teacher leader: Andrews Nchessie
Types of trees: Khaya anthotheka M'bawa, Sena siamea Kesha wa milimo, Sena spectabilis Kesha wa Maluwa, Albzia lebeck Mtangatanga, Grilicidia sepium Gilisidiya
Carbon offset: 70.000kg
Flag of Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone
1.843 trees planted
63 locations across Sierra Leone, Africa
Teacher: Miriam Mason-Sesay
Types of trees: mango, guava, cashew, bamboo, orange, avocado, grapefruit
Age of planted trees: 6 months
Carbon offset: 51.604kg
Flag of Cambodia
1.000 trees planted
Location: locations across Cambodia, Asia
Teacher leader: Bunlee Khun
Types of trees: hopea odorata, roxb, dalbergia cochinchinensi, afzelia xylocarpa, craib
Carbon offset: 28.000kg
Kids planting trees
Take Action Global is sponsoring tree plantings in Malawi, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, and the Philippines.
We would like to plant a tree in your name.
Click here to:

Claim your tree
Select your location
Receive a personalized certificate
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Tree Plantings for Classrooms
Classrooms around the world are joining in and leading tree plantings at their schools and in their local communities. We invite you to take action with us.
Class with trees
  1. Plant your tree at your school or in your community
  2. Log your tree using the free EarthProject app. For iOS and Android
  3. Check back on the interactive map above to see your tree represented.
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